Woke AF Social Justice Awareness Cool Slang Double Sided Print Tote Bag

By Melody Gardy

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Tired of social injustice prejudice systematic racism political insanity violence police brutality corporate slavery class wars and hate? Have you broken through the noise, found your true path through the cognitive dissonance? If you can no longer hide behind your cozy denial, this shirt is for you and those like you. Are you awake or still in your comfort zone of white male privilege? Open your Eyes Black Lives Matter Stay Woke Industrial Prison Complex Anti Establishment Secret Government Free Thinking Peace Equality Revolution Freedom from tyranny anonymous Fringe I want to believe Conspiracy humorous saying statement popular teen slang design.

This cotton canvas tote bag is both stylish and practical.

• 6 oz, 100% cotton canvas
• 22” dual handles
• Dimensions: 14 ½” x 15 ½”